Entry #1


2014-08-02 19:31:51 by NeppyNeptune

Heyyy, it's about time I made a Newgrounds account. It's kinda expected if you're a Flash animator.

But anyways, I'm gonna start checking out this site and uploading some stuff I've already made!! I should also mention that I come from Deviant art, so if you want more info about me, going there would probably be a good idea.. http://neppyneptune.deviantart.com/

So yeah, see you cool cats around!!



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2014-08-03 13:19:10

Welcome to NG and have a bloody good time ;) :D
Btw, your Na Na Na intro is stunningly well done.


2014-08-03 15:50:21

One thing i have to say.... actually this video says it all... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VcjzHMhBtf0


2014-08-05 01:12:23

Thank you for following me and liking almost every video I made lol